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Biography of Bobby Freedom

The Early Days
Guitar Strumming

Back in 1975, while just a young kid, Bobby received the gift of a harmonica from his father who was a Big Band Singer during the 50's and 60's out in Hollywood. He began to practice quite often and soon had a collection with several keys, at the time it was just a hobby, but singing and playing harmonica was the start.

Growing up 20 miles north of Boston, MA he had influences from bands like "The J. Geils Band" and soon started playing harmonica to their music. In high school, he won the talent show and even collected a check for the win. Soon, everywhere he went, he had harmonicas in his pockets. When the late 1980's came around, he started to attend "open mic nights" and sat in with many bands, this helped him work with other musicians and eventually he was paid to be a studio session player on several records. In 1993, he even got a chance to jam a few songs in the studio with Peter Wolf, lead singer of J.Geils Band.  Bob was not yet into guitar, only harmonica and vocals, but that was all about to change.


The year was 1991, Bobby was just back from living down in Tampa Florida and decided it was time to start learning the acoustic guitar. There was no internet yet, but he had musician friends, one in particular who liked to teach him guitar chords, covering Neil Young and Tom Petty songs which were easy to pick up. He built a set list and jamming became a regular thing.

Soon Bobby was playing out at Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and even  the House of Blues in Boston and so many gigs, there are too many to list.
As a songwriter, he produced his first album in 1999 with a 10-song CD entitled "Club Bob" this featured acoustic rock with harmonicas, guitars and keyboards.  He was living on a farm in Ipswich, MA at the time and enjoyed his rural surroundings which came out in the music.


His song "Simple Life" (available on Spotify & iTunes) was his best hit on that recording. Eventually, he moved up to the state of New Hampshire, where ha played numerous gigs at the capital city of Concord at places like "Cheers" and Capitol City Grille" The set list was growing, but the classic rock and 90's music was always what he liked to play, even though he was also doing some DJ work, he kept them separate.

Bobby's 2nd album came out in 2014, he had been influenced by his part-time gold prospecting hobby. He mixed in tracks from  two other guitarists and a female backup singer and was also the recording engineer on that project. Bobby did all of the vocals on the 14 song Album entitled "Gold Adventures with Bobby Freedom" It was distributed  by his own label "Tru-Tone Productions" and continues to sell today. All "Gold Theme, mining songs" It featured Rock, Blues and Americana. In 2017 He moved out to Arizona, where his ongoing tour took him to places like Wickenburg, where he played the Mecca, Fuzzy's and Wickenburg Ranch Resort.  Bobby is ready to entertain in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts once again.


Harmonica Studio Session 


Bobby's 14 Song CD (2014)

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